The Activate Bundle

Business Growth on your Timeline


Who will you be, where will you go, and what will you create?!

Lean in to these questions and you'll find...

The possibilities are endless for you in 2023 and beyond!

What if there was a place where your quest for personal + business growth could expand beyond what you currently see is possible...

What if there was a portal with ample resources for when you are in the peaks and in the valleys of entrepreneurship...

What if there was an exclusive place for entrepreneurs to go at their own pace to uncover the ideas + visions that they have been called to manifest...

That place is here + now within the Activate Bundle, curated to help you raise your frequency, clarify your vision and goals, and get activated into momentum!

"When we're working tirelessly on our business it's also really important that we are expanding our  capacity to receive and hold the things we desire."

-Susan Hay


16 Video Classes covering

Mindset, Marketing, Business Management & Energetics of Business

All videos are at least 60-minutes with key takeaways and action to move your business forward and expand on your personal growth.


  • Social Media Insights
  • Anchoring into Your Dream Day
  • Turn Up the Volume on Your Story


  • Activating your Vocal Codes
  • Success Embodiment and Planning
  • Marketing Trends

Business Management

  • Wealth Projections
  • Mid-Year Activation
  • Biz Baddie Audit
  • 6-Figure Scaling Systems
  • Maximize + Multiple Your Revenue

Energetics of Business

  • Using the 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe
  • Owning Your Queendom
  • Using the Seasons to Get into Flow in Your Business
  • Success Embodiment
  • Influence the Energy of the Room


6 Meditations

  • Becoming Her
  • Becoming Your Word
  • Breaking Free
  • Color and Sound of Success
  • Let's Go Anchor
  • Meeting Your Highest Self

Resource Library

  • Podcast List
  • Book List
  • Card Decks
  • Playlists
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Business Tools
Go at your own pace and start with the topics that you are drawn to the most. This is a bundle for you to always come back to for ACTIVATION!
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