A 90-day mentorship + business accelerator for ambitious women who are ready to build, launch, and grow their dream business with massive impact AND income.  If your plan is to make moves in 2022 then you'll want to roll with us. 

We start in January!!

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House of Dame

A membership community that empowers, inspires, and gives women the growth tools to be unstoppable in entrepreneurship.


We believe there is room for us all to thrive and we saved a spot for you too


House of Dame is like a gym membership but for your business gains + growth!


How is House of Dame igniting confidence and passing the entrepreneurial torch to so many?  Here’s a peek inside this electric room each month…

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The House of Dame Membership

Monthly Expert Coaching Calls-  Get expanded during our monthly Activation Call with HOD founder Suz Hay. In addition, each month we welcome a different guest expert to deliver us new business tools in the realm of mindset, marketing, business management, personal growth, and the energetics of business.  We offer a variety of call times each month and calls are always recorded because we know how important that replay is!

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Monthly Bonus Q + A Call

We want to support you in overcoming obstacles and that’s why Suz host’s a Q + A call each month to answer the specific questions you have in your business.  Even if you can’t make the call, you’ll have the ability to ask your question and get the answer from the replay.  We’ve got you covered!!!

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Business Resource Library

Welcome to the Queendom where we have 20+ hours of masterclasses waiting for you plus exclusive meditations designed to get you in flow and meet your highest self.

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A Support Squad Community

We’ve got a private Instagram community where we celebrate wins, business brags, and drop thought provoking content to help you attune to your highest self.

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Early Access to Dame Drops

That’s right!  From new merch, courses, and in-person events- you’ll always get first dibs on the fun things we release (and maybe some bonuses too)!


This community is like no other

The mission of House of Dame is to make sure no woman ever feels alone in pursuit of her big, bold, ambitious goals! 

We have a key framework for bringing the most essential tools to you each month inside the membership.

Yes, the most valuable knowledge is what you learn while you’re getting experience in your business BUT we want to make sure you are equipped to evolve with your business. We’ll give you the blueprints to help you reach your next level of growth.

CEO Mindset - Meet your highest self and see how powerful she is with our NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) methods.

Transformation - Your commitment to personal growth has the ability to transcend your business and this pillar will help you extract your Unique Code so that you can build the business while also honoring your dream life. Yes, you can have both!!!

Client Attraction - Learn how to share your story, message, and offers with the world in a way that attracts your dream clients. The art of client attraction is key in building a thriving business and we like to think we teach so much more than cute hacks for “beating an algorithm”.

Business Management - Ditch being COE (chief of everything) and step into your CEO power by learning how to run your business instead of it running you! We believe in creating systems and automation that will help you scale no matter what size your business is right now. We always say if you want a million dollar business then you have to treat it like one before it becomes one!

Energetics of Business - This is where logic meets woo woo and we believe it can be the most powerful part of your business. Understand how energy flows through your business (and bank account) by sharpening your CEO intuition through things like Human Design, astrology, meditation, NLP, and beyond. This is where we dominate curiosity because WHAT IF this is where your next quantum leap lies?!


The business glow up is easier with your business besties there to cheer you on in the highs and lift you up in the lows. And we think the memories made are so much better too. We’ve seen beautiful connections made here and a few awesome collaborations too! 

The experience of others can shine the light for us and that’s why there is no gatekeeping of secrets here. We want to pass the entrepreneurial torch to as many ambitious women as possible because we’ve seen first hand the ripple of impact that can happen when we help others along the way.

Saying YES to House of Dame means you are saying yes to your next level of expansion. When we are accountable to someone outside of ourselves we increase our success rate by 95%. We strategically plan our education and connection in a way that will support you to the finish line of the goals you set!


House of Dame is for you if...

  • You are burnt out on doing entrepreneurship alone and so ready to have a support squad of like-minded women by your side.

  • You are committed to expanding your CEO mindset so that you can overcome obstacles with ease.

  • You get inspired and motivated when you see other women building businesses too.

  • You want access elevated tools and resources that will help you streamline and build your business while honoring your dream life too.

  •  You are ready to be seen and supported and willing to invest in mentorship that will help you grow personally and professionally.

We are building a community of heart-led millionaires and we saved a seat for you too!


Can we just talk about what it feels like inside House of Dame with a  sisterhood support squad of women that are IN IT with you

Imagine feeling seen + supported in the highs and lows of building your business!

Meet Our Founder

I started my first business as a college dropout with a big dream and a willingness to work hard, but I knew nothing about running a business, leading a team, or making important financial decisions.

I spent the first 8 years of entrepreneurship alone.  There were so many challenging moments where I felt like an utter failure and was too proud to ask for help or even confide in other women in business.  When I finally opened my heart up to connection I was blown away to find out that we all battle similar obstacles while growing a business. 

I'm so grateful for my House of Dame sisterhood and all of my other business besties.  Business growth becomes inspiring, motivating, and most of all- FUN when we have a support squad!

Are you ready to meet your new business besties?!

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