Attention clean beauty bosses and influencers...

Client attraction is closer than you think... Yes, 2022 will be a huge year of growth for you!

Elevate your personal brand, offers, and messaging with the Clean Beauty Business Toolkit!

We've designed a no-brainer toolkit to help you deliver scroll stopping images, compelling captions, and simplify your posting strategy. We basically just gifted you hours of your time and energy back plus saved you mon-nay!


Say no more. IT'S A YES!
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Client Attraction Facts

The not-so-secret secret to client attraction is scroll-stopping images paired with captivating captions.  Oh, and you have just 3 seconds to interrupt the muscle memory of your ideal clients and convince them to stay instead of skipping your content.

The struggle is real so we’ve taken our bazillion years of marketing, messaging, and Instagram expertise to curate a proven toolkit that will simplify and streamline your content strategy so you can focus your attention on converting your new followers into paying clients!

So tell us…. Are you ready to grow a big + bold clean beauty business this year while also making REAL MONEY HONEY?!

We’re going to make it a reality with the only clean beauty business toolkit available that will up level your posts and make you a client attraction queen!

Clean Beauty Business Toolkit

CBB Toolkit is a bundle of over 300 beautiful IG, Pinterest, and caption templates to grow your community, engagement, and sales PLUS a clean beauty focused digital planner (and so much more). Hello, simplified strategy that scales growth!

Impact.  Advocacy.  Income.  Freedom.  (we know what you want)

Includes over 300 templates with exclusive clean beauty images!

Sleek design + easy to customize in Canva

  • 100 IG Post Templates

  • 100 IG Story Templates

  • 100 Pinterest Templates

  • 10 Reel Covers

*Templates include: testimonials, advocacy, quotes, before and afters, product launches, giveaways, infographics, product highlights, clean swaps, promotions and more

100 Ready-made captions and Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Beauty focused captions designed to hook your reader in the first three-seconds, plus you'll get the top converting CTAs you should be using in all of your content

CBB Toolkit Digital Planner + Calendar is your content creation BFF

You'll get exclusive access to our proven digital system for organizing an entire month of juicy content to be published

We’ve got you covered from start to finish. The CBB Toolkit helps you organize your content and customize scroll-stopping images and captions that grow and convert your audience while you sleep. It’s like having a marketing team without the expense!

I need this now!

Now raise your hand if...

🙋‍♀️ You love the impact you make when sharing clean beauty, but you have zero design skills so you’re wasting SO MUCH TIME trying to create posts each day.

🙋‍♀️ You want to keep your biz profitable so you’d rather not hire an expensive graphic designer.

🙋‍♀️ You are motivated to build your business, but getting crickets on your content is killing your vibe.

🙋‍♀️ You’re struggling to attract aligned clients that are interested in purchasing from you.

🙋‍♀️ With so many other clean beauty bosses and influencers out there, you worry that you are not standing out.

🙋‍♀️ You spend all your time on the Gram trying to crack the code on client attraction and are getting nowhere with it.

That is frustrating AF and we’ve been here before too.

That’s why we wanted to take all the costly lessons we’ve learned along our journey of building a combined community of over 28,000 engaged humans and fast-track you! 

Once you get your hands on the CBB Tookit you will

✔ Save valuable time and energy so you can focus on growing your team and client base

✔ Boost your brand recognition with sleek and customizable graphics

✔ Position yourself as an authority in clean beauty with a cohesive brand that stands out from the noise

✔ Catapult your engagement with inspired clean beauty captions and CTA’S

✔ Grow your community with share-worthy content

✔ Simplify your business with a proven digital planner system and strategy that nurtures your existing audience to paying clients

Enough Said, I'm Ready to Purchase!
Hey beauty, 
We see you trying to grow an impact driven business that creates freedom. We’ve been there too. We have a heart for helping other women rise and that is why we created the CBB toolkit. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are business besties, clean beauty influencers, and marketing experts.
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I’m Suz and I grew my first salon business from zero clients to 7 figures and now I’m a business growth mentor + Instagram coach that helps other women do the same. I’m obsessed with helping you step into your power to create freedom so you can call me your hype girl. I’ve been a clean beauty influencer for over a decade and I’m in love with the infinite possibility for making money on Instagram!

Hi I’m Morgan and I’m a serial entrepreneur, top clean beauty leader, social media, and design get the point! You can think of me as your trustworthy girlfriend who will have a cup of coffee (or an oversized glass of wine after a long day in kidville) with you and give you nothing but the truth when it comes to what I've learned about nutrition, wellness, the dark side of the beauty industry and of course that #momlife.

The CBB Method for client attraction is simple. Psst... it’s the same formula we’ve used to grow engaged communities over 28K.

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Pillar One

Build your brand identity

Become a clean beauty authority by creating a consistent and cohesive brand.

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Pillar Two

Become a client attraction queen

Attract aligned followers while you sleep through scroll-stopping content in your feed.

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Pillar Three

Convert your community

Nurture your followers and convert them to a sale by creating binge-worthy content.


What’s included in your Clean Beauty Business Toolkit

  • 100 Instagram templates

  • 100 Story templates 

  • 100 Pinterest templates

  • 100 Ready-made captions and CTA’s for your clean beauty business

  • 10 Reel’s Covers

  • The CBB Digital Content Planner

Plus these bonuses:

Two Canva Tutorial Modules

25 Days of Strategic Content

How it works:

  • Purchase- Pick up your CBB Toolkit today at our special promo price of $79

  • Download- Get instant access to your CBB Toolkit portal so you can start creating juicy content ASAP

  • Customize & Share- Dive into your CBB digital planner then customize your new templates in Canva (free or pro version) and post. Easy Peasy!!!

Your days of wasting time, energy, money, and opportunities are over! 

Next stop is clean beauty content queendom with:

  • A cohesive online brand that attracts clients while you sleep
  • A professional + branded template archive to create your content
  • A content creation process that takes minimal time each week
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