Meet Susan Hay

Founder of

Dame + Heart

I help entrepreneurs scale their businesses with alignment using intuitive and strategic techniques so they can live a peaceful profits lifestyle.

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Meet Susan Hay, Founder of Dame + Heart

I am a heart-led entrepreneur with business experience spanning across multiple industries and business models over 20 years. Some would say my most notable role was as the founder of one of Colorado's first non-toxic beauty salons. With no business experience (but thousands of hours as an esthetician, nail tech and massage therapist), I scaled that salon from zero clients into a 7-figure business and multiple locations before selling in 2019 to champion other entrepreneurs growing their business empires.


My “overnight” success story has evolved over the span of 20 years and has come with some gut-punching lows and epic highs.   Whatever you’re experiencing right now in your entrepreneurial journey, I’ve likely been there.

I believe that your business is a place where your unique creativity and expression has the potential to guide you to your greatest successes. That’s why my work centers around helping women build and scale businesses that are fun, fulfilling, and financially freeing.


When I’m not strategizing for my incredible clients, you’ll find me relishing my most simple and prized blessings—my two boys and husband. I’m a mountain girl at heart, but recently made a big move to Atlanta to be closer to family and imagine a new chapter of life.


Today, I’m a conscious CEO who’s built a multi six-figure income stream offering courses, luxe retreats, 1:1 mentorship and who also happens to be a podcaster and real estate investor.  2008 me never would have believed that the life of our dreams was possible and that we would help other women make it a reality too.

About Dame + Heart

When I sold my brick-and-mortar salon in Fort Collins, Colorado, I knew the universe was calling me to something bigger and even better. I was burned out from my grind-or-die-trying way of life and was certain there had to be a better way of doing business.  My heart was leading me back to freedom, one of my core values.


My new philosophy was simple. Business gets to be flowy, fluid, fun, and PROFITABLE. 


Under the brand of Dame + Heart, I started gathering women and teaching them about attuning to their CEO superpowers, client attraction, how to maximize revenue, and how to rewire their brains to scale from an abundance mindset. 


Women started seeing incredible results like:

  • Joining the 7-figure club—just by restructuring offer pricing

  • 800 hours of freedom in one year—just by activating her CEO Superpowers

  • 10X revenue—just by layering in strategy + systems automation

  • $35K additional revenue—just by launching a digital course


What Dame + Heart offers today is a combination of timeless courses + tools, luxe retreats and direct mentorship with me.

Beyond The Business

Enneagram: 3w2    Human Design: 3/5 Sacral Manifesting Generator    

Astro:  Leo (☀ 🌑) + Sagittarius (⬆)    

My Values:  Family, Freedom, Leadership, Transformation

Life Lately

After 24 years of building a life in majestic Colorado we recently moved just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We traded the mountains and snow for vast forests, road trips to the beach and being close to family. This might just be our greatest adventure yet!

What Life is Teaching Me

To surrender more so I can ride the waves with ease. The power and beauty of plant medicine to help me create more authentically. How to open up my own channels of joy, wonderment and adventure by watching my kids effortlessly embody it. Leave space in your schedule for unexpected magic.

Things I’m Studying

Gene Keys as a deeper look into myself. Watercolor painting because I love color. How to capture photos on my pro camera (not an iphone). Beauty rituals that meet me in this body in this moment in time instead of trying to take me back to another decade. Energetic alignment and the different levels and frequencies we can experience.

Dream Vacation Spot

A month-long jaunt across Europe to explore like a local.

Most Likely To Be Listening To

Elderbrook, Lane 8, Odesza or anything chill electronic

Phrase You Are Most Likely To Say

"I have an idea, you ready for this?

Zone Of Genius 

Laying down the steps to take passionate ideas and turn them into a profitable outcome.

Are you ready for business to be flowy, fluid, financially freeing and dare we say, fun?


Let’s work together and make your dreams a reality!



Are you ready for business to be flowy, fluid, financially freeing and dare we say, fun?


Let’s work together and make your dreams a reality!