Monetize Your Message Toolkit



Struggling with content chaos? Let's simplify it.

Getting crystal clear on your message and your audience is key—and that's where I shine. I’ve helped hundreds of creative brands go from overlooked to overbooked.
With the Monetize Your Message Toolkit at your fingertips, whether you're lounging beachside or perched at your kitchen table, you're equipped to craft content that not only makes your brand pop but your bank account sing. Are you in?

Content Creation Got You:

Struggling to Connect with Your Dream Clients?

Here to help! Say goodbye to content creation headaches and hello to clear, compelling messages that resonate.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Content Demands?

Got you covered! This toolkit streamlines your process, freeing up your calendar and your mind so you can focus on red-carpet client delivery.

Worried About Standing Out in a Crowded Market?

Forget cookie-cutter strategies! The Monetize Your Message Toolkit is designed to unearth and amplify your unique brand voice, directly addressing the pains, fears, and aspirations of your ideal clients.

Seeing Others Succeed and Wondering How?

Secret's Out! With my proven strategies used by top entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to turn content into conversions and followers into profits.

Need a Multi-Platform Strategy?

Here for you! From crafting emails, social media posts, blog articles, or podcast episodes, the MYM toolkit equips you to create and execute across any platform. 

This is not just another content planner... it's your blueprint to effortlessly elevate your brand, bringing peace to the process and profits to your pockets.


The Monetize Your Message Toolkit Includes:

Unlock the Monetize Your Message Masterclass:

Dive into our exclusive formula that's all about crafting content that not only feels good—it feels *right*. Learn how to attract soul clients and amplify your message in ways that spark real action and authentic connections.

Master Multi-Platform Magic with the Magnetic Marketing Matrix:

Say goodbye to content chaos! This isn't just another tool—it's your ultimate idea generator, helping you seamlessly craft and spread your message from Instagram to emails to podcast episodes. Build a brand that resonates now and echoes into the future.

Click, Connect, Create with ClickUp:

Implement your strategies effortlessly with our ClickUp template. Perfect for team collaboration, this plug-and-play setup means you’re ready to roll in seconds—just click and go!

Template Treasure Trove:

Grab our ready-to-use template pack! From dazzling social media designs to a meticulously crafted monthly content planner, we've got your back. Plus, our unique formula ensures you’re never out of fresh ideas.

Catchy Content Starts Here:

Jumpstart your journey with 75 irresistible hooks designed to grab attention and keep it. Plus, organize your hashtags and keywords in a snap, and nail those calls-to-action to convert followers into fans.


Is the Monetize Your Message Toolkit Right for You?

For the Visionary Entrepreneurs:  You’re a dreamer and a doer. You have big ideas and even bigger ambitions. If you’re ready to elevate your brand and need the right tools to make your vision a reality, this toolkit is your new best friend.

For the Content Creators Craving Connection: You love crafting content but crave that genuine connection with your audience. If you’re eager to transform casual followers into a committed community, let’s make it happen together!

For the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Ready to Shine:  You're an intuitive soul on the brink of your greatest breakthrough. Eager to clarify your voice and unleash your brilliance? The Monetize Your Message Toolkit is here to unlock your potential. Let's transform your diverse talents into impactful success.

For the Strategists Seeking Simplification: You’re all about strategy, but sometimes the workload is overwhelming. If you’re looking for smarter, not harder ways to manage your content creation, the MYM Toolkit is designed just for you.

For the Conscious Creators Ready to Amplify: You value authenticity and have a voice that deserves to be heard. If you’re ready to cut through the clutter and showcase your unique brand values consistently, the MYM Toolkit will be the megaphone for your message.


From a Simple Google Doc to My Secret Weapon

Once upon a time, the Magnetic Marketing Matrix (MMM) was just a humble Google doc. Why? Because like you, I was overwhelmed. Juggling the many hats of growing a digital business, I desperately needed a way to manage it all without burning out. 

That's when Team Dame + Heart and I crafted the MMM. It started as my personal playbook to streamline creating loads of engaging content right from my phone, ensuring I could build my business while living the dream—literally from anywhere.

The impact? It was like magic. Not only did it transform how I worked, bringing peace and profits seamlessly together, but it also supercharged my clients’ strategies, skyrocketing their success. The MMM evolved from a personal solution into a full-blown toolkit that entrepreneurs everywhere now trust to elevate their brand effortlessly.

Ready to write your own success story with a sprinkle of fun?


Hi, I'm Suz, Salon Owner turned  Digital CEO!

Once a Brazilian waxing pro and salon owner, now the visionary behind the Monetize Your Message Toolkit. Since diving into the digital world in 2017, I've been spinning plates as a busy mom and entrepreneur, managing multiple gigs with a smile. 

I know the grind: once, every tick of the clock was another content crisis, thinking non-stop about the next big post or campaign.  But hey, who says you gotta be on the content creation roller coaster 24/7?

That's why I created the Monetize Your Message Toolkit — it's your secret shortcut to ditch the overwhelm and find your true voice. With this tool, you're not just creating content; you're enjoying the ride, making every piece a breeze, and connecting like a boss!

Ready to channel your inner content genius without the burnout? Let’s make some marketing magic happen!