Go from dream to reality in just five lessons.  Initiate a soul-led journey with a simple system to get you there.


Unleash Personal Power:  Break free from subconscious limiting beliefs and step into a new paradigm of empowered self-belief. Transform self-doubt into self-assurance and watch as doors to new opportunities swing wide open.

Master Magnetic Attraction: Learn to increase your personal magnetism and attract the relationships, opportunities, and success you desire. Harness the art of manifestation to become a super attractor, drawing towards you everything you need to fulfill your highest aspirations.

Cultivate Peaceful Profits: Shift from hustle and overwhelm to a state of peaceful profits. Implement strategies that allow you to achieve your business and personal goals without the burnout, aligning effort with ease and efficiency.

Stand In Your Truth:  Empower yourself to say no to what doesn’t serve you and yes to what moves you towards your goals, enhancing both personal and professional relationships.

Manifestation Made Simple

 Blends the magic of the woo with the might of inspired action for real-world wins.


*Five Self-Guided Modules- Each step of your manifestation journey is covered—from understanding the science behind it to applying it in your daily life

*90-Day Manifestation Made Simple Workbook- This digital guide is loaded with worksheets and implementation pages to help you expand your vision and track your journey

*Miracle Magnet Manifesto- Use my template to design your dream life- includes goal setting pages, customizable manifestation matrix and vision board template

*Journal Prompts- Daily, Weekly and monthly journal prompts and success audit outlines to keep you in inspired action



*Activate Your Limitless Self Meditation

*Peaceful Profits Meditation

* Miracle Magnet Walking Meditation

*The Attraction Codes Masterclass- Learn how to leverage the 12 Laws of the Universe


I'm Ready!

What You’ll Be Learning?


Real Outcomes From Real People

Not only do I personally use this method but I infuse it into my top business mentorship offers and these are just some of the wins reported:

The Entrepreneur’s Edge: Some of my top business mentorship clients have reported HUGE gains like manifesting all expenses paid trips abroad and revenue bumps that came out of nowhere

The Relationship Revamp:  Deeper connections in personal and professional life including more harmony in communication while standing in their personal power with confidence

The Freedom Formula:  Breaking free from the hustle and stepping into a life of meaningful achievement and deeply felt joy and fulfillment


Step Into Your Power

MMS isn’t just a course—it’s a transformation. Whether you’re stepping out of the shadows of skepticism or sprinting away from the burnout of constant hustle, this course meets you where you are. It’s time to embrace your full potential and realize that the life you dream of isn’t just possible—it’s waiting for you.



Meet Susan: Your Manifestation Maven & Magic-Making Guide


Back when I started my journey, I thought manifestation was just about raking in the cash or snagging that luxury handbag. Boy, was I in for a surprise! It's like thinking you're just grabbing a latte but ending up with the whole café. 

I quickly realized that manifestation was much more—it was about creating a life of quality, joy, and infinite possibility.  Here’s what I’ve learned and manifested along the way:

  • From Salon Owner to Soulful Success: I leaped from running a bustling salon to launching a soul-driven mentorship, all by embracing the mystical mingled with some serious action. And guess what? I’ve landed in my Peaceful Profits Era.

  • Dream Properties :  That Steamboat Springs mountain spot? Manifested! It’s not just about securing property; it’s about creating spaces where memories are made. 

  • More Than Money:  It's the laughter-filled dinners, the impromptu dance-offs in the living room, and those quiet moments of gratitude that make life truly rich.

I’ve learned (and am still learning) that being your most magnetic self isn't just about what you attract—it's about who you become along the way. So, if you're feeling stuck or like you're just going through the motions, trust me, there's so much more out there for you.

Manifestation has taught me to blend the unseen—those magical, mystical energies—with grounded, strategic actions to not only achieve but also appreciate every success.

Through Manifestation Made Simple, I’ve distilled these life-changing lessons into a straightforward, actionable course that doesn’t just aim to educate—it transforms. Whether you're seeking to enhance your financial situation, elevate your personal relationships, or simply find more joy in the everyday, this course is your gateway to a life where anything feels possible.

Join me, and let's turn your dreams into your everyday reality. Because in manifestation, the true magic isn’t just in achieving what you want—it’s in becoming who you were always meant to be.


Manifestation Made Simple is your blueprint to turning desires into reality. It will sharpen your focus and set your intentions, teaching you to become a  super attractor plus you'll:


Heal and Release:

Dissolve those pesky subconscious barriers and free your mind for bigger, brighter things.

Boost Your Confidence:

Step into a daily dose of self-belief and trust in your incredible capabilities.

Lifestyle Makeover:

Transform your day-to-day into an inspired, joy-filled experience.

Realize Your Business Dreams:

Turn your entrepreneurial visions into vibrant, successful realities.

Expand Your Worth:

Grow your self-esteem and cultivate an unwavering belief in your limitless self.

Set Audacious Goals:

Dare to dream big and stretch your imagination beyond its limits.

Welcome WOW-WOW-WOW Wealth:

Open your arms wide and learn to welcome an influx of prosperity.

Set Boundaries, Attract Abundance:

Set a new standard and watch abundance flow into your life.

Fine-Tune Your Manifestation Mojo:

Connect with a manifestation practice that’s as effective as it is fun.

I'm Ready!