FINALLY, a business planning experience that goes beyond just "one-upping your numbers" from the previous year...


Imagine waking up each day as the highest version of yourself.  You feel expansive, liberated and wealthy.  You navigate your business with ease and dare we say- it’s fun being CEO!  This is your peaceful profits era and it overflows into the fullest life you’ve ever lived.  


You’ve accomplished SO MUCH, yet you still feel pressure to do more…

We’ve all witnessed it (and probably even subscribed to it) - somewhere along the way we started reaching for bigger and bigger revenue numbers. And every time we hit a new milestone we have a microsecond of celebration and then quickly move the marker reaching for the next level of achievement.

 What many of us have discovered is the freedom, fulfillment and joy we thought we'd find in running our own businesses is harder to hold than we expected.


It’s time to throw out what they told us would work and rewrite the business plan but this time we’re doing it OUR WAY.





- Susan Hay





Where we merge alignment with strategy to deliver high-level happiness.

Where your business is a vehicle for you to live a dreamy AF life.

Where the more fun you’re having running your business the more successful things become.

Where simple business systems are the secret sauce and automation is the MVP.

Where you get to make all the money you desire with zero guilt.


It’s time to fall back in love with your business by prioritizing your time, energy, relationships  and health—along with profitability. That’s the ultimate power move!

What is the Power Moves Method?!


Power Moves is an experience where you can learn at your own pace and start implementing powerful changes to your business and lifestyle right away.


Power Moves isn’t just a bunch a videos telling you what to do.  I’ve created an easy design experience so that you feel guided on how to simplify and align your business along with a supplemental workbook to help you implement the changes. PLUS you'll get 3 NLP meditations to help you get into the frequency of PEACEFUL PROFITS!


You’ll receive:

-- Lifetime access to 6 modules teaching you the Power Moves Method

-- A 48-page digital workbook and business planner

--Revenue Accelerator Spreadsheet made super easy for plug + play  projections (the same one I've used over the years to forecast almost $10 million in sales)

-- 3 NLP meditations to raise your frequency and help you design your dream life

-- BONUS: A plug and play Click-Up template with all of the Power Move business planner prompts built in. You won’t miss any important dates or to-do’s!

-- BONUS: FemmeFocus- Get access to 52 Questions to Illuminate Business Blindspots designed to help you transcend beyond any moments of confusion


When you purchase the Power Moves Method, you’ll gain instant access to SIX video modules. Here's a look at what you'll learn inside:


Magnetic Mindset

Uncover blind spots to break through glass ceilings, learn how to rewire your mind for excellence, and become a magnetic leader.


Activate Your CEO Superpowers

Uncover your entrepreneurial gifts and learn how to leverage the arc of energetic flow for maximum performance and productivity in your business.


Design Your Dream Life

Learn how to attune to your highest vision for the year ahead and then design your dream life.


Brand Clarity + Expansion

Learn the key business and brand audit touchpoints that will help you breathe new life into your business.  Discover what needs to be added or removed to help you become an irresistible force in the market.


Business By Design

Learn my signature process for planning out an entire year of sales, marketing themes, and important dates for launches, promotions, and, most importantly, time off!


Money Moves Financials

Elevate your money mindset to become a match for your revenue goals.  You’ll also get access to my business projections spreadsheet and tutorial for using it, which will help you draft your big money moves!


What People Are Saying

“We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years of our careers for professional and personal development. Never before have we had someone lay out a blueprint for growth and freedom like Susan continues to do.”

“Susan not only provides the practical aspects of learning and moving forward in your business but also the personal growth and mindset shifts that are needed to move forward.”

“The modules were very helpful. I loved that I could go at my own pace. It allowed me to really absorb the material, and I could re-watch them to gain a fuller understanding. As someone juggling a lot, this program was very helpful and appreciated.”

The Power Move Method is for you if:

You want to feel that swell of joy when you work on or talk about your business. 

You are tired of burning the candle at both ends and are ready to be the CEO of a business that runs with ease.

You don’t know what each day looks like, much less the whole year, but you’re ready to have a real plan.

You are willing to clear pointless tasks off your schedule so you have more time to serve clients and be creative.

You are eager to ramp up that income without trading more time for more money, and create an aligned path to get from here to there (hello passive income streams)

You are becoming bored with only chasing the dollar signs and want to spend more time with family, friends, and experiencing life.

You want to tap into your inner wisdom, so you feel confident about every business decision you make.

Make a power move and say “goodbye” to the old way of doing business. It’s time to revamp your business to create more freedom while amplifying fluidity, fun, and profitability.

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Meet Susan Hay |

Founder of Dame + Heart

Susan Hay is a business growth expert whose entrepreneurial experience spans over 20 years in various industries. Her most notable role was as the founder of one of Colorado's first non-toxic beauty salons. With no business experience, she scaled that salon from zero clients into a 7-figure business and multiple locations before selling in 2019 to champion other entrepreneurs growing their business empires.

Her journey didn’t come without many ups and downs, including loneliness, triumph, tears, celebration, imposter syndrome, and confidence. Whatever you’re experiencing right now in your entrepreneurial journey, Susan has likely been there.

Her mantra for her own life is to let her business be her playground—a place where her unique creativity and innovation will always guide her to her greatest freedom, fulfillment, and success, and she teaches other women to do the same.

How My Clients Feel

"Susan Hay activated my inner entrepreneur spirit again. I walked out with a clear path and high motivation after working with her!"

"The 1:1 experience was fantastic. It was where I was able to go a bit deeper and really understand more about strengthening areas of my business. 12/10 recommend!"

"The VIP Intensive gave me the clarity I needed behind my next project. It helped define my vision and got me to take action!"


It’s Time to Fall In Love with Your Business again with the Power Moves Method

Get ready to be a CEO in a whole new way—in control of your schedule, running your days with an abundance of energy for life outside of your business, and channeling inner wisdom and creativity, making decisions for your business that feel SO GOOD!