1:1 Bespoke Mentorship for visionary entrepreneurs who want their business to be a source of limitless freedom, joy and peaceful profits.

Ride the Energy of Business Alignment with Million-Dollar Moves, a six-month 1:1 business mastery portal crafted for heart-led millionaires in the making.

It's not just a program; it's your personal sanctuary for energetic business upgrades, designed to scale your venture in ways you've only dreamed of.

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Ride the Energy of Business Alignment with Million-Dollar Moves, a six-month 1:1 business mastery portal crafted for heart-led millionaires in the making. It's not just a program; it's your personal sanctuary for energetic business upgrades, designed to scale your venture in ways you've only dreamed of.


You deserve to run your business with elegance and ease, not hustle and grind. This is your invitation to step into a realm where business meets spirituality, where your efforts are magnified, and your results are amplified.

You Heard It Here

"Susan holds your hand as you rediscover your heart's mission to serve, and then helps you monetize it so you can truly love what you do!  I highly recommend her private coaching, as she has helped me immensely with my relationship towards my business and myself. 

She brings attention to limiting beliefs that keep you small and helps you to unravel the societal & cultural bindings that have strapped you into submission. Her trainings have you digging deep so you can reroot and watch your business bloom from a secure foundation!

Susan has found her calling and is 100% dialed in! She takes you on a journey that changes you from the inside out.  Her approach is non-conventional & heart centered. What she has created is certainty not a get-rich-quick program. That being said, abundance is sure to be the result if you take the work seriously."

 -Jenni Conn, The Medium Experience

Inside our time together we’ll merge the energetics of business alignment with strategy to get predictable results.  We’ll focus on and upgrade these areas of your business:

Millionaire Mindset Mastery

Cultivate the mindset shifts necessary for wealth and abundance, transitioning from your current reality to the aspirational heights of millionaire status.

Identity Upgrade

Undergo a profound identity evolution, aligning your inner self with the outer success you're destined for.

Superpower Extraction

Discover and deploy your unique CEO superpowers to increase your attraction frequency and market magnetism.

Operational Overhaul

Streamline your business operations for efficiency and impact, ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Offer Optimization

Refine your offer suite, ensuring they resonate, convert, and align with your vision for freedom, fulfillment and of course, impact.

Brand Positioning & Launch Strategy

Elevate your brand and devise launch plans that captivate and  evergreen funnels that flow new connections to you.

Message & Mission Clarity

Sharpen your marketing efforts, ensuring every aspect of your business communicates your core values and vision.

Soul Client Attraction Activation

Learn how to build intrigue, infuse authority and influence your community to attract your dream clients directly to you.

Financial Forecasting & Sales Strategy

Craft a projection and sales plan that not only draws wealth but also aligns with your mission of making a meaningful impact.

Million Dollar Moves Testimonial

Susan is the real deal in the business coaching world where promises often fall short. I have worked with a lot of coaches in the past but right from the start, it was clear that she really understood me. Susan didn’t just dish out generic advice – she tailored everything to match my energy, vibe, and style. Her deep understanding of my needs, strengths and talents made all the difference in crafting intuitive & effective strategies that actually work for me.

Having Susan by my side this past year facilitated personal and business growth in ways I didn’t even know I needed. Her commitment and care in keeping me on track and offering valuable guidance have been life-changing. I've gained clarity on my goals,  been able to execute things I’ve been putting off in my business for YEARS, and tackled unexpected challenges with confidence. The best part is I’ve started to create  the Freedom in my business I was always craving but didn’t know how to achieve. 

If you're looking for a business coach who helps you get the results you want, look no further than Susan. With her mix of accountability, customized intuitive strategies, and genuine dedication and care, she's not just a coach – she's the mentor you didn’t even know you needed to unlock your business potential.” -Renata

Included in Million Dollar Moves:


Each month we’ll connect on two 60-minute Zoom calls to dive deep into your business.  These mastermind sessions are designed to move you through current-day obstacles and elevate you to freedom faster.


You’ll have Monday-Thursday Voxer access to me for additional accountability and support.  It’s like having a direct line to me so we can celebrate your breakthroughs and transcend the breakdowns in real time.

Knowledge Expansion

Get access to my top selling and most impactful trainings designed to help you expand your working knowledge of business energetics, magnetic marketing, mindset mastery, building digital offers and beyond.

Tools To Last A Lifetime

Get access to my library of tools and resources.  From money-rewiring meditations to marketing blueprints, revenue projection spreadsheets and ClickUp templates to organize your operations.


Million Dollar Moves is for you if you are….

The established entrepreneur who has tasted success but yearns for more: more freedom, more joy, and the ability to truly live the dream without being shackled by their business. You're beyond the dreaming and ideation phase; you're ready to leap into a future where your business serves your life's grandest visions.

You might be:

  • A creative, healer or service-based entrepreneur

  • Someone who has been so focused on achievement in your life that you might not even realize you’re addicted to it

  • Your business might be brick + mortar but you are interested in adding revenue streams that don’t require you to trade more time for money

  • You’ve had success in your digital business but you’re suddenly feeling a resistance that might be showing up in your revenue, client attraction and personal energy levels

"Susan has exceeded our expectations with her coaching.  She has helped us grow and gain confidence personally and professionally.  There is so much depth to Susan for what she has herself accomplished in her personal life as well as her professional life.  She always somehow knows what to say and when to say it to set us up for success.  From the beginning of us working together she let us know that we would be stretched out of our comfort zone and she has gently and effectively guided us through those moments. We have definitely grown and transformed into better versions of ourselves with her help and guidance. You would be lucky to work with Susan Hay!!"

- Mariquita and Beth

Make Your Move

MDM is a gateway to aligning your business with your highest aspirations, ensuring that your investment in mentorship with Susan brings you closer to your dreams of using your brilliance and gifts to create impact in the world.

Your unique path to freedom starts by filling out the MDM application.  Our relationship begins with a 45 minute call so I can learn more about you, your business and your highest vision for the future.  It’s important to me that we connect and determine whether my approach and tools will be the best fit for your next level of growth.

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