The VIP Intensive

Catapult your business scaling timeline in just one strategic business breakthrough 1:1 session



Feeling Lost in the Labyrinth of Entrepreneurship?

Do the twists and turns of running your business leave you puzzled about your next step? Is the dream of achieving work-life harmony while smashing revenue targets starting to feel more like a mirage?

Imagine a world where each decision isn’t a guess but a guided step towards success. In the VIP Intensive, we don’t just navigate the maze—we redesign it to work for you. Whether it's dismantling deep-seated limiting beliefs to elevate your mindset, deploying unmatched marketing strategies that engage and enchant, or optimizing your business operations for seamless growth, you're in the perfect place. Our VIP Intensive is designed to transform your approach from the inside out, ensuring you excel without the exertion and embrace your true potential.


In this transformative three-hour session, Susan Hay brings her business brilliance and a suite of time-tested, proven tools to the table, helping you gain crystal-clear clarity. Dive deep into the critical areas of your business—and beyond—with strategies tailored to illuminate your path and accelerate your success.  I'll deliver:


Strategic Insight -Dive deep into your business strategy with expert eyes, identifying gaps and opportunities with precision.

Balanced Blueprint-Craft a sustainable plan that aligns your business ambitions with your personal life, so neither has to suffer. 

Content Mastery -Turn your content into a magnet that attracts the right people, engages them deeply, and converts them effortlessly.  

Client Ascension -We’ll meticulously map out your client's journey, from initial engagement to loyal advocacy, ensuring each step is designed to enhance their experience and maximize your revenue streams. 

My Superpower Is Taking Passionate Ideas and Turning Them Into Profitable Outcomes

"Our VIP Intensive allowed us to think outside the box, consider new things to focus on for the growth of our multiple businesses, gain clarity on the things we could develop that would be worth the time and money. Finding ways to save money and increase profits were of course beneficial. However, the most important thing our session did was show us where time and energy leaks could be cleaned up!  We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years of our career for professional and personal development. Never before have we had someone lay out a blueprint for growth and freedom like Suz did."

Dr. David and Lauren Kolowski, Inside Health

Inside of your VIP Intensive we'll dive into:

Mindset & Vision

Anchor into the future vision to ensure you are an unstoppable force helping and not hindering your business growth.

Business Audit

We'll dive into your business structure, including your offers to see what's missing or how we can maximize for the future. This is where we make sure your vision has a scalable + sustainable foundation. 

Brand Audit 

We'll dive into the voice and visuals of your brand to ensure they are matching the reputation you want to curate with your ideal client. By increasing your perceived value and positioning we can make you a super attractor for dream clients.

Systems + Automations 

Streamline to create an organized ecosystem for you and your team rippling into a fluid experience for your ideal clients. This process has a tendency to increase proficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Client Spotlight:  Their Brands, Their Success

Jena Schultz

Jena Schultz

Driving Development

I loved working with Susan! With her expertise, she guided our company in clarifying our message and identifying our core vision. We discovered there was a beauty in simplifying our processes to drive business success to better serve both ourselves and our clients.

Her strategies not only helped us stay focused, but helped to implement a better work/life balance without sacrificing success of the business. Susan's actionable plans to work in automation to drive sales make her an invaluable asset for any organization seeking growth and success without trading time for money.

Amber Bebelheimer

Amber Bibelheimer

 Productivity Coach

& Podcast Host

It’s always an honor working in Susan’s space and every single call with her has brought me so much clarity! It was important to me to have a few hours set aside for my own business and having Susan hold space for both the dreamy creative side AND ask me questions to help me think through logistics, revenue, and systems was EVERYTHING!

A VIP Day with Susan is like a business tune up that re-sparks creativity and inspiration.

Elise Rigney

Dr. Elise Rigney 

Founder of Impact Chiropractic

& Chirointensive

My VIP Intensive gave me the clarity I was searching for behind the legacy of my next project.

She had me in tears and then high on life throughout this session. This session helped define my vision, get clear on my audience, and cultivated a game plan. It got me to stop dragging my feet and finally take action. So grateful!

The Possibilities Are Endless 

You bring the ideas, and I'll bring the strategy and education you need to integrate and apply your next steps. You’ll receive:

A 3-hour strategy session masterminding all the layers of your business

A customized Business + Strategy Manifesto Recap that will detail your roadmap to success, plus action steps and timelines for added accountability. You’ll be able to use your Manifesto or hand it off to your team to execute. 

30 days of Voxer support for added accountability and access to me as you integrate the plan

A recording of our session for replay

Flexible scheduling is available to accommodate in-person or virtual options. 

Investment Starting at $2,400


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Your Success Means the World to Me 

"Susan was amazing to work with as she made me feel comfortable and supported. Her authentic enthusiasm and belief in my business ideas and what I am creating were essential in having the support I needed to carry out my vision and impact - as energy is super important to me. 


In just one day, Susan helped me gain clarity and focus in my offers. As an entrepreneur, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the ideas we have floating around in our heads and it helps to get an outside perspective. We refined my messaging in order to resonate with my ideal clients and worked on my launch strategy. I'm happy to say after working with Suz, that I sold out my program to women who were truly aligned."

Kristine Munro, Founder of Illume Collective


Ready to Turn Complexity into Simplicity?

Apply for a VIP Intensive and transform your entrepreneurial journey from confusing to clear. Let’s make your business as fulfilling as your visions of it. Here’s to making your dreams achievable and your success inevitable.