Conducting a Mid Year Business Audit: Beyond the Numbers

Apr 10, 2024

We've met the mid-year mark! Have you conducted a business audit? If not, no worries, we're taking you through the highlights of how to dive in and dissect your business beyond the numbers, and align yourself, your team, and your business trajectory for the remainder of the year. 

First things first, we want to answer the question - why conduct a mid-year business audit? A business audit is not only a commitment to your goals, but a commitment to your clients and customers. They change and so do you. Therefore, to be a conscious entrepreneur, it's important to become aware of what you've accomplished, where you stand, what's still needed, and how you can arrive at your goals this year. But let's be real - your impact is more than the spreadsheets and financial reports. Therefore, your audit should be, too.

By taking quality time to sit with your bank account, as well as, your business health - you're giving yourself and your services a chance to rest, breath, and move forward with more intention. When you do this, you create more space in your workdays, more ease for your team, and more abundance in your achievements come December. This simple act of sitting with the truth of where you're at is a chance to reignite your CEO spirit and align to your always expanding goals as a leader.

Now, it's time to ask questions that are sure to invoke a few truth bombs. 

Are you happy doing what you do? What excites your soul, and where do you encounter resistance in your business? 

Take a moment to reflect and be honest with yourself through your answers. Being authentic and aligned as a leader is a requirement to keeping your business alive and well-received by your audience. Whether these questions invite you to let go of certain services or simply outsource more work, making these necessary changes will keep your business on track in the months to come. Your numbers are only as expansive as you feel in the space you're creating.

As you dive into your mid-year business audit, there are a few key points to consider within and beyond the numbers.

Business boundaries: Evaluate how well you prioritize self-care, say no to ego-driven impulses, and nurture a healthy work-life balance. Embracing healthy boundaries allows you to cultivate a sustainable business and protect your well-being.

Systems and automations: Systems and automations are the backbone of your business. Review your processes, seek areas of improvement, and streamline wherever possible. By optimizing your systems, you create a solid foundation that frees up your time and energy for what truly matters.

Client Experience: Your client experience is critical to your overall success; if not, the most important part. Automate elements of the customer journey to deliver consistent excellence, from onboarding to off-boarding. Take this time to consider where you can create more memorable interactions, and don't hesitate to ask for referrals and testimonials—your satisfied clients can become powerful advocates for your business. Do you have these touch points built in, and are they going to support you in the next six months?

Financial Health: The finances of your business is a window to its overall health. Assess your revenue goals, but also pulse check your mindset around money at this time. Are you, as a leader, at the same level of your business goals? Explore any limiting beliefs and adopt a CEO mentality—making strategic decisions while also remaining expanded and optimistic about the possibilities before the end of the year. 

By taking the time to sit with yourself and your business - you give both the chance to make the most of the time ahead, grounding into what's aligned and letting go of what is no longer of service. By remaining honest, open minded, and motivated - this exercise acts as the 1% pivot in your business that is likely to result in a positive, abundant outcome at your end-of-year summary.


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